How it works


One day you decide to apply for a job as a translator, and you end up visiting SCREENS INTERNATIONAL website (, and some magical forces guided you to the portal gate (

So you click on APPLY FOR A JOB and set on an adventurous journey filled with linguistic wonders and entertainment challenges.

A wizard, also known as ADMIN or “Account Manager” in Elvish, will take you under his wings and guide you through you first test. If you fail to complete the test with success, you will be discarded and thrown down a river as alligator fast-food.

If you are one of the few lucky fellows who possess the skills to succeed the first test, you will be baptized as an accepted Subtitlor, and welcomed into the elite tribe of ancient translators who work for Screens.

Your life will change and be filled with daily quests assigned to you by your tribe’s wizard. Since wizards cannot be seen by the naked eye, they will convey their messages using advanced technologies known as e-mail.

An email is a nasty little text message who will magically appear on your computer and mobile device, and will inform you that a new job has been assigned to you. You quickly review the jobs details and click on CONFIRM with self-confidence.

Your quest has begun…

A battle of words, images and dictionaries will start, and after long hours of fighting with orcs and goblins, you emerge victorious…. Exhausted, but proud to have done what so many others have failed to do… you completed a subtitling job!

The wizards will then reward you by promoting you up the chain of subtitlers, giving you a medal with a Latin number on, also known as GRADE LEVEL. This will serve an essential role in your next battle.

One day, after years of serving as a warrior-Elf, translating thousands of hours for Screens, you decide to take a break and go visit your old village. You proceed by clicking on AVAILABILITY MANAGEMENT and pick the days you will be gone from service. Upon your return, the tribe will welcome you back with a feisty ceremony and quests will resume as usual the next morning.

After each moon has cycled through a complete terrestrial orbit, also known as “one-month-period”, the wizards will prepare your rewards and hand them to you via the BILLING SECTION of the magical portal. Magically, you will receive golden coins (or lands and properties) via the powerful channels of BANKS or ONLINE MONEY TRANSFER.

Throughout your journey, you will always keep a small pamphlet in your pocket on which are engraved special names and numbers. These will save your life every time you are in danger. Consider them as a prayer that will swiftly bring the attention of the wizards to your assistance. The pamphlet is also called CONTACT DETAILS, and has something scripture similar to the following:

+9614715999 and

This concludes the magical story of Screens Portal and the white wizard, whose last words still resonate till this day:


“A day may come when the courage of men fails… but it is not THIS day.”