Who should I contact if I need technical help?

You can directly contact your administrator or account manager responsible for your workflow, who will forward your inquiry to the necessary technical person able to assist you. See “How can I communicate with the administrators?”

You are always encouraged to report any malfunction you might find while working with your portal account.

How can I save/backup my job sheets and invoices as a local copy?

While the data on the portal is permanently logged and backups are steadily archived, you can always PRINT or DOWNLOAD a copy as Excel file for any tabular list needed (Jobs, Billing, etc…)
At the top right corner of every table view, there is a green PRINT THIS PAGE and a smaller red EXPORT button.

How does billing work, and what transfer options do I have?

Payments are usually prepared on monthly basis. After completing a month’s work, you will be able to cash-out your invoice after an administrator approves on all the work done by yourself during the month.

The BILLING section is straightforward and shows all actions needed to manage your invoices.

Depending on convenience, transfers are sent from Screens via Bank transfers, Cash, Cheques, and Western Union/Moneygram, in a way suitable for both parties. You can always change your preferred payment method by clicking the link at the bottom of your billing page.

How do I receive files for reviewing or conforming?

There are several types of work required after translation, such as PROOF-READING (or REVIEWING), SYNCHRONIZATION (or CONFORMING), and even ADAPTATION (for dubbing purposes). These extra requirements will be mentioned in the Job info that you receive.

If you are reviewing, adapting or synching other people’s translation, you will receive a job as normally done for translators, but the file will only be activated once the translator submits it.
Delivery of your work is done precisely like described in question “How do I upload a finished file?”.

How do I upload a finished file?

While the majority of subtitling work is done and delivered as a .PAC file, it is common to be asked to submit your work as STL, SRT, Word or Excel format.
Once you run a final check on your work and are ready to submit, click on the green SUBMIT button at the end of the job row. You will then browse for the saved location to choose your file. Click OK and the file will be sent to the administrator.

How do I download videos and scripts (transcripts)?

When you receive a new job, a new entry will show in the jobs table, sorted as so the most recent will show on top. In the second and third field (Download link and Script) there should be a clickable link that automates the download of the video and script if they are needed.

It is always advisable to use a download manager to accelerate the speed of transfer and to resume interrupted downloads. If you need help with integrating the download manager within your browser, please contact an administrator and they will follow-up with the necessary details.

How can I communicate with the administrators?

Admins and Account Managers can be reached via several methods. During your first briefing after being accepted, you will be given all necessary details (Phone numbers, emails, FAX, Skype, etc …)

For logging and accuracy, all communication MUST be sent via email, but to speed up urgent replies, you can always call or online message the admins.

You can also use the MESSAGING module from within the portal, located at the very bottom of the main menu.

How do I manage my new jobs?

Although the interface of your account is pretty straightforward, you can always access the HOW IT WORKS section to learn more details on managing your work in the portal.
The concept is simple and clear: under TRANSLATION JOBS, you will see a tabular list of new and completed jobs, with all the required details such as download links, comments, guidelines to follow, deadlines and at the end an upload button to send your file back to the administrator.

How do I receive a translation or subtitling test?

Once you apply for a job and fill in your personal details, your account will be marked as UNDER REVIEWING. An administrator will send you a small test job that you need to prepare and upload within the set deadline. After reviewing your work, and should the quality be satisfactory, you will be contacted and briefed about further details. At this point, your account will be marked as ACCEPTED and you will start receiving jobs on your portal account.
PS: Email notifications sent from the portal will help you stay punctual regarding receiving and submitting work.

Is my personal data secured?

Although you will never be asked to enter any sensitive information pertaining to Credit Cards and Bank logins, you are fully responsible for keeping your password privately secured.
This portal is protected by the best known practices in network security and encryption, however, you should never leave your account opened or saved passwords on public computers.

I am new. How do I apply for a job?

First, click on the APPLY NOW button at the main page. You will be directed to a form that you need to fill with accurate information. You MUST also upload your resume as DOC or PDF. (Updating your CV at a later stage is possible from within your account and under the PROFILE INFORMATION page