About Us


Screens International is a leading company that offers the highest standards in language and media services in over 50 Languages.

With an exquisite history of 25 years, and still market leaders in subtitling and dubbing, Screens International moves forward by adopting cutting-edge technologies and establishing new ventures with partners all over the world. Our portfolio is a long and impressive list of clients and partners that we pride ourselves in having.

Our head offices are located in Lebanon, and through representative offices in 6 different countries, our operations are truly global.

Our team consists of:

  • 35 professional engineers and technicians
  • 150+ translators mostly in-house employees
  • NLE and CGI artists
  • an extensive collection of famous voice actors covering a wide range of Languages and dialects: Arabic (Levantine, Khaliji, North African), European, Asian and Latin


Screens International started its operations back in 1991, under the leadership of Joseph Akiki, CEO, and always strives to acquire new partnerships and joint ventures with prominent companies worldwide to ensure staying in the lead.

When it comes to adopting new technologies in MEDIA PROCESSING, STREAMING and BROADCAST services, Screens Liquid Films, a subsidiary of Screens International group, is currently one of the fastest growing providers in the MENA region, extending its reach to clients on the 5 continents.

To reach Screens’ management, visit the contact page.